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Company Overview

Extramile Lubricants & Spare is a leading marketing company having great presence worldwide like India, Vietnam, Turkey, South Africa, UK, Middle East, Canada, USA, Malaysia and Spain. Extramile Lubricants was established in 1979 with the primary focus of marketing of specialty lubricants, Motor Bike Oil, Car Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Pump Set Oil and CNG Oil. We are having a good presence in India with a significant role in lubricants industry.


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The strength of Extramile Lubricants & Spare is in dedicated personnel to service our customer/partner round the clock, financial stability, product inventory and prompt delivery.

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Company Overview

“ Best quality is received only from the best places ”

Our Featured Products

Extramile Lubricants & Spare delivers the best quality of products ranging from hydraulic oil, gear oil, pump set oil, and grease for all sorts of equipments.

4T Oil

The best oil for motobikes which enhances the performance of the engine and maximizes its life.

Gear Oil

High quality of gear oil best suited for vehicles which are meant to deliver great performance.

Pump Set Oil

A special lubrication designed for field irrigation equipments for their optimum performance.


A perfect lubrication for all sorts of equipments to protect them from rust and corrosion.

Hydraulic Oil

Specially designed oil for any high-end hydraulic machine to get its maximum power.

Engine Oil

One of the most preferred Engine Oils for vehicles to maximize the efficiency of the engine.


Our partners have been a great source of help in bringing this company to where it is at the moment. Without them it wouldn't be possible for us to deliver you the products of your need.


Extramile Lubricants & Spare takes pride in satisfying our clients by providing them good quality of products.

Some of our highly satisfied clients :